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The Maytag Gemini Range

Two Separate Ovens, One Complete Meal™
The Maytag Gemini range's one-of-a-kind, two oven design cooks two different foods at two different temperatures - for one complete meal. A main dish can cook in one oven, side dishes in the other. Foods prepared at the proper temperature and cooked for the right amount of time taste more delicious. Plus, the Maytag Gemini range provides increased menu choice and flexibility. With the Maytag Gemini range, mom can broil steak in one oven and cook a pizza for the kids in the other. Everyone's happy. Everything's ready together. And everyone eats together.
Advanced Cooking System™

Maytag ranges have temperature controlled preheat so you get what you set! Maytag's Advanced Cooking System alternately cycles both the bake and broil elements on and off to better maintain the desired temperature throughout all areas of the oven. This results in even heat distribution with no hot spots - even browning with two-rack baking and no need to switch and turn your pans!
Keep Warm
Keeps food hot, fresh, and delicious for late dinners. Can also be used to warm plates (two stacks of up to four plates) and warm appetizers, dinner rolls, pies, or other desserts. To automatically keep food warm at 170 degrees, select the Keep Warm Pad and Auto Set Pad on the control panel. User can select alternate temperatures from 145 degrees to 190 degrees to safely keep foods warm. For optimal food quality and nutritional value, foods should not be kept in the oven for longer than two hours.

The Maytag Neptune Front Loading Washer & Dryer

Removes Tough Stains
Removes tough stains better than conventional washers. Maytag Neptune® washer versus leading brand conventional washers: 7 pound load, warm wash, recommended detergents, heaviest setting.
Largest Usable Capacity

Largest usable capacity available means fewer loads. Based on International Electrotechnical Commission 456 test procedure.
Infinite Wash/Spin Speed Combinations
Maytag Neptune washers have an infinite speed motor for proper tumble and spin speeds based on the cycle and options selected.

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